Systemic Coaching

Leadership Team Coaching

A clear and concise goal for the coaching session is essential to identify the systemic issues that lay behind the overt challenge. One way to pose this question is, What does it look like if your challenge is resolved? Once the issue is clarified and mapped the dynamic between its component parts are set up and explored. Tentative solutions are introduced and tested. The orders of organizations and success provide a framework of possible causes and potential solutions. Our coaching approach is usually integrated as part of an overall change management initiative or leadership development program. This integration mutually supports the organizational change process and the development of manager’s leadership skills; two initiatives that naturally have a symbiotic relationship.

Leadership Coaching: Our coaching services can take place one-on-one for a stand-alone coaching session, as part of a leadership development course, or in the context of an organizational development/change initiative.  In the first option, one-on-one coaching, we contract for one or more private sessions that respond to and focus on the challenges and issues the client is dealing with.

Accelerated Conscious Leadership Workshops: For the second option, structured, systemic exercises and peer feedback are used to develop the leadership skills of the client at a workshop that ranges from two to five days. When someone works in the group on a particular leadership challenge, using an organizational constellation or another process, everyone in the room benefits from the lessons learned and the insights revealed. When something shifts emotionally, spiritually and physically, as well as mentally, the change is real and lasting. 

Systemic Organizational ChangeIn the third option, we engage in collecting feedback from executives team members and/or staff and partners as part of a change program. We analyze this feedback for systemic issues and share our analysis privately with the leader or the leadership of the organization. Systemic team or individual coaching is then conducted to help the clients learn from the feedback and apply that learning to enhance their leadership capacities.