Change Dynamics, International- what we believe and do

The business world has been changing much faster than the field of leadership and change management. Methods that are dramatically new and different are needed to close that gap.  

Our Services: Change Dynamics International offers an innovative, systems approach to organizational change, leadership development and conflict management. This approach provides a deep level of insight into the systemic dynamics of an organizational. We coach the leadership team so they can uncover and use those insights to address problems and challenges that often seem intractable.

The Big Idea: like all big ideas, is simple. An organization has its own collective consciousness that shows up as its culture. This collective consciousness is never static. For better or worse it constantly evolves. The success of that evolution depends on the leadership’s ability and willingness to be the change they want to see in their organization. Our methodologies enable leaders to identify and transform the hidden obstacles to change within themselves and their organization. Paraphrasing Harry Truman, the buck starts as well as stops with the leader.

Advanced Leadership Skills: Leaders who are able to lead a complex system have the ability to optimize the relationships between the different parts of their organization.  Functioning at an optimal level requires the ability to harmonize and align internal, competing agendas. Managing these inherant tensions is a competitive advantage.  Leaders who “see the system” (and their own impact on it) can take it to the next level based on the insights gained.   

If the decision is critical, the challenge appears essential or the conflict feels irreconcilable our approach offers insight and resolution.